“To you I am speaking. To you who read I am speaking. To you who, for many years, have wandered in a maze of texts searching for something that would give meaning to a life without meaning.

I am you. I am the reality that vibrates inside while you read Me – nourishment for what you are and the power to remove what you are not.

My message, if you are strong enough to contain it, will set you free from superstitions, false ideas and second-hand knowledge that are the useless materials that you have collected over many years of neglect. If you are strong enough to free yourself of it, then My word will take root and, with it, a new life.”

The Dreamer

Visibilia Ex Invisibilibus

The visible comes from the invisible, just as sound comes from silence and movement from stillness.


In nature just as in economy every recovery has proceeded from the internal to the external, from the invisible to the visible, from being to having. There is no aid coming from anywhere at all…You have to make your own individual revolution which is based purely on yourself.


Know the song you sing, know thyself as the creator of anything you see, you feel, you desire…  know thyself as the only one existing… This Earth is a beautiful thought. Transform this Earth in a paradise… It is all up to you.


A crack,a vertical split has been produced through all levels of matter: a new way of escape for all men and women.

Raise your Now, and your stiff, weary decrepit memory will disappear

and a luminous, vibrant, new past will beckon you. The higher your Now,

the greater will be your past

and the more magnificent your destiny.

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