Philosopher of action Elio D’Anna is a pragmatic dreamer, a visionary who has taken care of his own integrity, who knows how to believe in the impossible. Listeners around the world are enchanted by his groundbreaking philosophy ‘the power to do’ and ‘the idea of ​​physical immortality’.


Never stop dreaming!

Reality is made of your dreams.

It is your dream substance that gives life to the world. If you stop dreaming that the world dies, it’s really that simple. Poverty, crime and war are the projection of a society that has stopped dreaming. Civilizations, races, empires, countries, and peoples have vanished from the face of the earth because they have forgotten the true reason for their existence.

If you believe in an external world, at least make use of it. Let all experiences, events, and circumstances fall into one place within you where you can filter out the most useful and eliminate the useless. This is where all your ballast can be transformed into energy and a new life. But remember! The outer world is but a faded shadow of your inner space, a pale manifestation of your inner responsibility.

The solution to any problem is not to blame or find fault with others, but to rescue and rebuild your own compromised integrity. Integrity is a state of being, and as such you only have the ability to know how it was compromised, lost or forgotten. Fear, for example, disconnects you from the source of your own vitality. Integrity means a sense of certainty, coherence, wholeness, fearlessness and vitality. Integrity is a physical experience – you can feel it in your flesh, in your joints, in your breath and in your heart. Integrity has powerful applications in the field of action. Integrity-driven businesses and ventures are those that are successful, well-run, profitable, eternal, and happy.

A righteous man is a force of nature – in the physical realm he always has another ocean to cross or some other mountain to climb and is never out of the game.

Pay full attention to your inner Being, and nothing will be impossible for you. Do not forget! You are the one who designs and perceives beyond conceivability – the sole creator of this wonderful universe.

The power to do

The hidden purpose of every religion, philosophy, ideology, science, or technology is “how to do – how to create – how to change the world at will.” The power to do is not an external technique you can acquire, but your inner integrity in action. To increase your power to act, you have to fight your love for being negative – you have to give up your secret love of suffering. To increase your power to act, you need to make room for something you have neglected and forgotten for so many years – your inner will. Your inner Will is the very cause of all success, all victory, and all that is formed in the world of events, and must be renewed every day through self-observation, self-love, and understanding.

The idea of ​​physical immortality

Turning mortality into immortality is easier than you think – perpetual longevity is natural – death is not natural; That’s why it takes so long to die, most people exert so much effort that it causes them illness and pain.

When you release your loyalty to death, success becomes easier – success in any field.

All healing is temporary until we cure death.

If you are dying, you are unconsciously contributing to the deaths of everyone around you.

Once your mind and body are centered on truth and physical immortality, you will have perfect peace and health.

You can never believe or achieve immortality, you can only be that. The truth is that you are always in harmony with it, but you think not, and that thought makes you unhappy, and it can cause you to destroy your body.

The idea of ​​physical immortality allows you to relax and enjoy life. It gives you time to succeed in life and achieve wealth and happiness.

Only through new ideas and conscious efforts can any permanent change be produced.

Only intentional and conscious work in itself could make a man capable of surviving death.

The idea of ​​death and death itself has been so popular for centuries, because no one dared to question it.

Destroying the body by death is an insult to the intelligence that created it, which is yourself. Matter responds to the power of being. Willpower, which is your being in action, directs energy and energy, in turn, acts upon matter. The stronger the will, the greater the force of energy and the greater the impact of energy on material events and circumstances.

Learn to die less inside and you will live forever.

You are here for one reason only:

win death

Nothing else matters.

The long agony you call reality

ceases to exist here.

Overcoming death is the only game worth playing.

The School of Gods and ‘Dreamer Technology‘ is a source of inspiration for many and we are pleased to receive a large number of works from the


“As a leader, it is not knowledge, money, degrees, or social standing that you need for success so much as a sixth sense, intuition, and a seventh sense, vision. They are the fruits of a work on unity of being, responsibility, fearlessness. In one word: integrity as the central quality of leadership.”

The world is as you dream it…

and that you can make it perfect by being perfect yourself – that all is in your hands if you learn how to turn your vision upside down, and consider difficulty and misfortune as the most valuable material which can enable us to transform our psychology of death into a psychology of life.

Individual revolution

In a world where all revolutions have failed and the many attempts to change the violent and reactive nature of man have revealed to be useless, this new vision presents itself as the only way to transform events and circumstances, past and future, history and destiny at will.


“When a man is irremediably disappointed by his life…when he realizes his incompleteness, his impotence, when existence grips him in a vice so he cannot breathe, only then will the School appear.”

My books are for those who are disappointed with their ordinary life and are looking for something they have lost and forgotten for so long… something special. The books appeals to people with an interest in leadership, entrepreneurship, business, sociology, ethics, philosophy and personal growth.

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