The School for Gods


Elio D’Anna

The School for Gods

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The School for Gods

This book is a map and an escape plan. Its aim is to show you the path followed by an ordinary man away from a hypnotic view of the world, and an accusing and plaintive interpretation of existence, to escape the rut of a programmed destiny. All that we see and touch, all that we perceive and all that we call ‘reality’, is none other than the projection of a world invisible to our senses, a world of ideas and values that runs vertically to the plane of our existence: the world of the Being.< You will found a School of Being, a University for those who have a dream to realise… There, one will learn that the dream is the most real thing that exists… that what man calls reality is none other than a reflection of his dream.

You will create a School of responsibility, a school for philosophers of action, where one will learn that happiness is economy… that wealth, leisure and beauty are every man’s birthright… You’ll create a School that has no end… A School for Gods… It will have My pace, My breath. Don’t fear any attack. It will seem as though you’re hindered in every way, but every difficulty or enemy will, in actual fact, turn out to be your closest ally, an integral and irreplaceable part of this construction.»

“The School for Gods” is a novel about the ideas and the philosophy that inspire the School, but also a manifest announcing “the Individual Revolution”, the birth of vertical men, the cells of a new humanity finally healed from pain, fear and conflictual thinking.

The original manuscript has already been translated into English, Italian, Turkish, Greek, German, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and French. The chinese versions (complex and simplified characters) for mainland China and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao was released by december 2010.


The World is as You Dream It
Love your Enemy
Fear is degraded Love


  1. juan siegfred

    Many thanks to ESE’s teachings. As for the book, chapter 4 the antagonist has been very helpful (the School for Gods n.d.r.)

    Thank you it would be nice if you could make it public. Looking forward to hearing from you, hope we have good news soon and also looking forward to read the new Elio’s book. Best regards Juan Siegfried “

  2. Erkan Tas

    “The School for Gods”
    There was a university, sending such a message and naming it “The School for Gods”. This simply
    couldn’t be possible…
    Not being sure if it was what he guessed, he immediately checked it on the internet. Looked like it was a
    book… And this university was giving quotations from this book all through its web page. And when he
    left the office, he ran to a bookstore as the first thing and bought the book.
    He has read every single page with enormous feelings. It was like the biggest blessing of all times. In
    every single word, in every phrase he found himself. It was like he wrote the book. Every single sentence
    was like his sayings; every idea given was just like his… Exactly the same vision, exactly the same dream
    with the exact philosophy that he was building since his childhood.
    Miraculously; knowing a man who lives a life which he has dreamed for himself since his childhood…
    Knowing a man who wrote a book, taking his philosophy and raising it even to much higher, with a more
    developed and integrated structure… Knowing a man from who he can learn the more… Knowing a man
    who has founded the University which he has been ever dreaming of… All these were perfect proofs of
    that his all ideas and dream were worth a great value…

  3. Vladimir Stankovich

    I just finished reading “The School for Gods” and would sincerely like to thank you for it. It was an absolutely fascinating read and a masterpiece. Thank you very much for it.

    I was hoping to ask you guys if there is a coupon currently available for “The Technology of the Dreamer?” I know I am a little late as it ended on Feb 29 but I was hopeful.

    Also I would like to ask if Dr. D’Anna has a copy of Lupelius’s The School for Gods? Is he willing to share it? If not does he every plan on writing a book about it?

    Thank you very much and once again thank you for the book. Truly life changing. Thank you.

  4. Elio D’Anna

    Dear President,

    in your book “The School for Gods” many thoughts struck me, and often I understand the truer meaning by rereading the pages and meditating.

    Recently, the following sentence particularly struck me in connection with a short trip that I will make at the end of the month:

    “The unexpected always needs a lot of preparation. No event can happen externally without a man’s consent, albeit unconsciously. Nothing can happen to him without first crossing his psychology. Thinking is so powerful. Those that we call facts, events, experiences and all the possible events of life are states of being already on the way out to meet those who are in tune with them. States are events waiting for the propitious opportunity to occur. The quality of our emotions, the breadth of our thoughts, the states of being that we live in this very moment, are deciding what will manifest itself in the visible, the nature of the events that will materialise in our lives.”

    After a long preparation but, at the same time, unexpectedly I will be attending an international academic symposium and I will take the “The School for Gods” with me, in English. I am sure it will be in perfect harmony with the educational spirit of the event.

    The ESE world has no boundaries because the ESE people do not create them!

    Kind regards,

    Gianni De Michelis

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